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Malt Factory Visitation



In October 2013 Milyone of our girls from Ausrealts head office in China hosted 18 growers from Nullawil in China. Ausrealt made arrangements with some malting factories and took our guests around to shown them the whole process of producing malt. At the same time we visited some famous local places and ate local special food. Here are some pictures which were taken during that trip.

The drive to the Malt Factory.

Ausrealt grain grower1

An introduction meeting in the Malt Factory. Factory Manager Luan gave a lecture about the factorys general business operations such as the annual output, sales channels, technological process, etc.

Ausrealt grain grower2

Malt Factory Introduction PPT

Ausrealt grain grower3

The production technology process introduction.

Ausrealt grain grower4

Malt workshop visitation

Visited the barley steep tank workshop.

Ausrealt grain grower5

Ausrealt grain grower6

Ausrealt grain grower7

Ausrealt grain grower8

Ausrealt grain grower9

Ausrealt grain grower10

Ausrealt grain grower11

Cleaning the Barley and oxygen therapy.

Ausrealt grain grower12

Ausrealt grain grower13

Nullawil visitation group leader Mr. Cooper and Factory engineer.

Ausrealt grain grower14

Ausrealt grain grower15

Feed Barley.

Ausrealt grain grower16

Dry Workshop

Ausrealt grain grower17

The drive back to the Hotel.

Ausrealt grain grower18