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Our BBQ meeting with the Nullawil growers. Thanks for the beautiful and valued gifts!



Ausrealt values and nurtures our relationship with growers. Whenever we can meet up and hear the concerns of farmers we do. We also try and give an insight to farmers of our business model so that they understand our concerns as we listen to theirs.

On 2nd October, Mr Robin Luo (Director of Ausrealt, the second one on the left side) and Mr. Edmund De Bono (Purchasing manager of Ausrealt, the first one on the left side) met with Mr. Cooper (Grower from Nullawil, the third one on the left side) and Mr.Parker (Grower from Nullawil, the first one on the right side) at the Barbeque meeting at Access Grain.

Robin and Edmund were very happy to receive the locally made artifacts from Ben Parker and Donald Cooper.

Thanks for the valuable gifts. We had a great meeting today!


Being presented with some especially made artifacts......fantastic!



Mr. Luo (CEO of Ausrealt)



Mr De Bono (Purchasing Manager of Ausrealt)



Mr Parker is showing how to use the artifacts to Mr Luo and Mr De Bono