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about us



Ausrealt International Pty Ltd is an Australian based and registered company.

Our office is at Suite 404, Level 4, 53 Walker Street, North Sydney NSW 2060.

Our primary purpose is to procure Australian grains for export mainly to China, Middle East and South East Asia where we have a large range of clients including mills, malt houses, food manufacturers, breweries and feed lots amongst them.

Our marketing services cover most of the world. We export to many countries and understand the protocols and procedures to effectively make a substantial impact within the business community.

The main commodities which we will purchase in 2014/15 are barley, oats, canola, cottonseed, sorghum and wheat.

Most of these products are purchased ex farm or on a DCT basis although this year 2014 we are making our first ever bulk purchases of barley, canola and oats which will be transported to China aboard a "maxisize" cargo ship of approx 35,000mt.

The purchases will be from Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Qld and will be shipped to the ports of Qingdao, Nantong, Zhuhai, Shekou, Wuzhou, Busan, Kwangyang, Surabaya, Salalah or maybe Tianjin with other ports being added later. On arrival at the port our own Ausrealt representatives assist in the customs clearance of containers and organise the overland transport right to the end users front gate. Then we help with procedural matters and banking details as well. This all seems quite straight forward here in Australia but it is not so simple in China for smaller firms especially.

Ausrealt's objective is to be the complete "all in" supplier of choice to our clients. Whether the purchaser is a small end brewery supplying its neighbouring population with a local brew or a mega brewery that will ultimately end up exporting internationally we wish to be the supplier that they can rely upon. We have achieved this already with many clients and our influence is spreading.

It does not end there however. Once the container doors are opened Ausrealt sales reps are there to inspect the cargo with the factory personnel. We check that what is ordered is what is packed into the container. If a problem is identified we photograph, document cargo and containers numbers and address the issue at hand. These are the reasons that we are largely successful in the market.

Ausrealt has 4 groups of 6 sales reps which cover the eastern provinces of China. From the north in Beijing to Shenzhen in the south. This type of service where the Purchasing Manager of a factory can have an individual rep as a contact is something which creates a strong sense of trust when doing business. Whilst it is common practice to have a rep in Australia it is quite a stepping stone in business relations in China to have a sales rep the manager can call his own.