Why Cooperate

Why Cooperate us


When you sell your grain to Ausrealt we hope that it will be the beginning of a long relationship. We hope that year in year out we will be able to do business. Whether it be by a forward contract or cash prices at harvest time we hope that our competitive bids will encourage you to think of Ausrealt as the buyer.

Each day during harvest we will have our bids posted on this web site as well as being displayed at many accumulation sites across the country.

We have a history of prompt payments to growers in addition to our attractive pricing in the marketplace. We do request however that you keep you bank details up to date as this obviously effects our ability to pay on time. It sounds simple but it has occurred a number of times in recent harvests.

In the season 13/14 Ausrealt will be introducing a reward system for growers selling to us. It is a straight forward system where points are allocated to your account on the basis of the number of metric tonnes sold to us. Points do not expire and it costs you nothing. With the points accumulated you can trade them in for prize items or put them towards a trip to China where Ausrealt will act as your tour guide taking you to different areas of China but also taking you if you are interested to the factories where your products will be sold to so that you can follow the production stages to its end product status.

For instance if you sell us barley we will take you on a guided tour of the malt house then the brewery so that you can witness the entire process of beer production and enjoy the end result of course. You are required to pay the airfare to China but we will take care of the rest. More information to follow shortly.

CHINATEX (Aust) Wool Co Pty Ltd

In 2013/14 Ausrealt has been appointed as the sole agent and representative in the grain market for one of China’s most well respected companies Chinatex. Ausrealt is now a strategic partner in procuring customers, organising transport and the marketing of grains in China on behalf of Chinatex (Aust) Wool Co Pty Ltd.

Chinatex focuses on two core businesses.

1) Its textile business covers the trading and manufacturing of cotton, wool, fabrics, home furnishings and textiles.

2) Its grains and oil business includes trading and processing of soybean, corn, wheat, canola, palm oil and now barley.

Their grain and oil processing capabilities is amongst the top three organisations in China.

Chinatex (Aust) Wool Co Pty Ltd last year exported over US$150 million of Australian wool last year and as stated is now involved in the grain market.

From this year Ausrealt will be responsible for the purchasing and shipping of grains for Chinatex as well as the domestic sales and distribution within China. Adding this to our already substantial network should only enhance the future prospects of both companies enormously.