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Prize Project

Ausrealt would like to thank all of the growers for the great support which you gave us over the 12/13 harvest period. We sincerely hope that you will continue to support us during next years harvest as we hope to be as competitive as we can with our bids in terms of pricing and flexibility.

We have now implemented an award scheme from which you can receive some gifts or traveling support from Ausrealt according to your points tally. You don't have to sign up and it doesn't cost you anything. These points can be accrued by selling us barley, oats or canola.

How to get points?

Very simple ! It is dependent on how many tons of barley/oats /canola you sell to Ausrealt, one point per ton. The more you sell the more points you get.

Program 1) Obtain a portable power source for the farm. It can be a great convenience on the farm when no electricity is available. Details will be published soon.

Program 2) Travel to China to see what actually happens to the grain that you sell to us. See the processes involved and the final product. For instance in barley's case see malting of the barley and "yes" the final product being made - BEER. Details again will be published soon.

Ausrealt has paid a great deal of attention on building relationships with growers and values these relationships highly. During recent years, we have visited a lot of farms and grains suppliers all over Australia. ...

Meanwhile, in September 2012, Vian ( one of the ladies in Ausrealts China head office) hosted some visiting growers from Victoria during part of their stay in China. Ausrealt made arrangements with some breweries and malt houses to take them around and shown them the whole process of making beer. At the same time they visited some famous local food and beverage establishments and dined at some of the local speciality houses. Here are some pictures which were taken during that trip.